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Woods & Waters Construction Development and Management, LLC
Building Top Quality Homes in Indiana and Illinois

Scott Ralston has been working as a professional in the construction industry since 1984. He got his start at a very young age working along side his father, which was a Master of many trades. Scott has taken what he has learned from his father and many other professionals in the industry. And in his daily operations, Always keeps in his mind and attitude what his Father taught him. Which is to complete and treat every job, as it was his own.


  Scott's Wife & Business Partner Susan Ralston comes from a family of construction professionals also. Her family took great pride in their family business too. Scott and Susan come from decades of Strong Family Values, Pride, and Tradition. We both come from a long line of Military & Civil Service Members. We Take Great Pride in Our Country and are Proud to Build Quality Homes for Great Americans. We take Pride in being a Licensed VA Approved Builder.


Susan handles the heavy load of the selection process, taking the difficult task of making all the home selections elegant and beautiful, inside and out. She also takes care of the sales process of all our projects. She is a Professional Licensed Real Estate Broker in Indiana & Illinois. She can help our customers in the exciting times of buying one of our new homes. And assist in selling their current homes in IN or IL. 


Scott & Susan have a strong professional and personal relationships with successful and experienced business owners and tradesmen in every community in which they have developed properties. Scott and Susan both have worked very hard to have a "WHEN QUALITY COMES FIRST" attitude! They take great pride in giving customers and tradesman the respect they deserve.


"Working with local architects allows us to truly customize any home to be your dream home.  We happily build homes in all price ranges.  No matter the budget, plan or ideal location, we can make your dream home a reality." – Thank You, Scott & Susan Ralston